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Hi, I'm Joan!

“I worked at a reputable salon in Charlotte until 2009 when we formed Dog and Suds Mobile Grooming, Inc. I have been grooming dogs for years starting in Indianapolis, Indiana. I received my certification for dog grooming at the Animal Arts Academy in Carmel Indiana. In grooming school not only were we taught grooming skills, but also we learned techniques on ways to calm the animal. I think half of dog grooming is to let the dog know he is in a safe environment. When the dog is relaxed it makes for a good experience for the dog and much easier for me to groom. My husband and I moved to Charlotte in 2007 following his company down here. I have worked at a reputable grooming shop in Charlotte until present, while building my mobile dog grooming business. We have lived in the Denver area for over a year now and have met allot of good people here. My husband and I both come from large families, we have always had dogs a part of our lives, and we always will.”